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Modern Warfare 2 – DLC - Stimulus Package & Resurgence Pack June 3rd
I Love the Stimulus pack & will buy the Resurgence pack June 3rd! - 2 Votes : 12%
I Love the Stimulus pack, but $15 AGAIN for maps I own in COD4??? - 2 Votes : 12%
I want to buy the Stimulus & Resurgence packs from IW - 1 Votes : 6%
I still play MW2, but will not pay for any DLC - 3 Votes : 18%
I still play MW2, but will not pay for maps I already own in COD4 - 2 Votes : 12%
I don’t play MF2 anymore! BFBC2 FTW!!! - 4 Votes : 24%
I don’t play MW2 anymore! – What is ur replacement? - 3 Votes : 18%

[ 17 Votes - 5 Comments ]

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