SMGL VS SOGC - June 26 2010
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SMGL is on Hiatus :(
Posted by Dr Kus on Friday 29th October, 2010 at 8:31am

Fellow Gamers,

We are regretfully letting you know that for the current foreseeable future SMGL will be on hiatus. At present, we have no plans for any future LANs due to some hurdles that we are finding difficult to overcome in the business of LANing & Gaming.

We would like to thank everyone who has made the trek out to the Liverpool Catholic Club and joined in with the fun and games at SMGL events.

We hope that you can continue your passion in gaming and join in with some of the other local lans in Sydney such as SOGC, Battlefield Bargo, Fragfest & SGL. You will no doubt see us at some of these other events so come over and say hi.

A special thanks to Missingo for suppling switches and his gaming servers for us to use at SMGL. Without your help, SMGL would not have ran as smoothly network wise as it did. Thanks to the great supporters of our LAN, those of you who helped us setup the day and thanks again to SOGC for your great help and commitment in making our SMGL vs SOGC Battle of the LANs such a great event.

It is sad to be writing this final post, but hopefully we can come back again in the future.

Thanks Everyone!
SMGL Admins


SMGL vs SOGC - "Battle for King of the LAN's" - 26th June 2010
Posted by Dr Kus on Sunday 4th July, 2010 at 12:45pm

SMGL vs SOGC - LAN vs LAN - 26th June 2010 - Liverpool Catholic Club

Thanks to all Gamers! Especially SMGL who pulled together to win the event!

SMGL lanners united to battle it out against our new LAN rivals SOGC to be crowned the LAN of LANs and raise the trophy up over our heads! 60 gamers attended the event with a few attending from SGL & Fragfest also!

It was a big day, full of competitions and prizes (despite steam bringing out game updates for CS & TF2). We also brought back the xBox 360 & Nintendo Wii on the projectors for more heated solo comps and a variety of PC comps which all went towards the end tally to determine the winning LAN of the event!

I would also like to give a big thanks to SOGC and their admins who put a lot of time and effort into helping us bring this great day together. Without them, the day would not have been such a success!

I have put together a time lapse video of the day. Enjoy!

Dr Kus
SMGL Admin

Thanks to the event sponsors:
Thermaltake, Fractal Design, Tt esports by Thermaltake, Amacrox, In Focus, Steel Series,

Games Played at SMGL events:
Blur, Call of Duty 4, Counter Strike, Flat Out 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, Modern Warfare 2, Team Fortress 2, Track Mania, Unreal Tournament 2K4 / 3,


Posted by Kus on Friday 25th June, 2010 at 12:48am

Hi Everyone,

We all hope you are excited as us for tomorrow!


To help people out who havnt been before, you can check out where we are on this google map link. Or if you want to plug some coordinates into your gps -33.929676, 150.874825.

If you want to get a bit more familiar with the location, you can have a look at photos we have taking driving in / walking in here:

SMGL Venue Photos

And if you would like to go to the bistro for lunch / walk around the club, you have to follow the dress code.


Power cables
Please don't forget your monitor cable as people have done in the past. Cant play much with out a monitor.
10m Network cable (5m minimum)
Backup batteries if you use any wireless peripherals.
Mouse pad
A power board to support all your power requirements (PC Tower, Monitor, Ext HDD, Mouse Charger, etc)
Any installation cds you may need
USB drive for quick way to get patches if needed


Virus' - if any are detected on the network, you will be removed from the network until your machine is clean.


Please make sure you check all your steam games are up to date tonight!

- Modern Warfare 2
- Team Fortress 2
- Counter-strike Source
- Counter-strike 1.6
- Battlefield Bad Company 2
- Grand theft auto 4

Other games to install / have ready to play (if you dont have the latest patches they will be available on the day):
- Call of duty 4
- Flatout 2
- Blur
- Unreal Tournament 2004
- Quake 3


If you use DC++ please hash tonight.


We are not permitted to sell any snacks, but you can buy them from vending machines around the club.

You can buy breakfast/lunch/dinner at the club from the bistro as long as one of us sign you in, and you pass the dress code.

There are several fast food outlets (Maccas, KFC, Burger King, Subway, Pizza hut) available within 1-5 minutes drive from the club.


We are not permitted to sell any drinks, but you can buy them (soft drink/alcohol/energy drinks) from vending machines/bars around the club.


If you need to contact us for any reason you can find our mobile numbers here:

See you all tomorrow!


SMGL Admins


Battlefield Bad Company 2 on sale today only!
Posted by Dr Kus on Wednesday 16th June, 2010 at 3:51am

Hey everyone!!!

As alot of people are now playing Battlefield Bad Company 2, here is your chance to pick it up at a bargain!

BFBC2 33% off steam today only!!!

$47US - US Tuesday, so ends by this afternoon!

If you want to try buy it as a US citizen (change your address to some US address)

Its $33.49US


JUNE 26th - SMGL vs SOGC Event!
Posted by Wally on Monday 24th May, 2010 at 11:32am

Fellow gamers,

We have the pleasure announce that the next event held at Liverpool Catholic Club on the Saturday 26th of June will be a joint event with our friends from SOGC (!

SMGL lanners need to unite to battle it out against our new LAN rivals SOGC to be crowned the LAN of LANs and raise the trophy up over our heads! There are only ~70 spots in total available and we have now opened registrations for this event, so be sure to secure your spot to be part of the SMGL team who will be battling out in various comps throughout the day.

This will be a big day, full of competitions and prizes. We will also be bringing back the consoles for more heated solo comps and a variety of PC comps which will all go towards the end tally to determine the winning LAN of the event!


* June 26th
* Liverpool Catholic Club
* 9am to Midnight
* FREE Parking ALL DAY

I'm sure you have noticed, we have a new design for our website - if you find any glitches, post them in the comments and we will fix them asap.

We have put up a poll for the June 26th event, so please vote!


SMGL Admins


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