• SMGL vs SOGC: Ultimate Battle Trophey


  • 26th June 2010 - 9am to midnight


  • Liverpool Catholic Club

  • Liverpool Catholic Club (LCC) contains quality function rooms that are fully carpeted and fully air conditioned to keep all you PC's running cool. Tables and comfortable padded chairs are also provided.

  • LCC is located only minutes off the M5 & M7 making it easy to get to.

  • LCC has ample spaces for parking which is patrolled by LCC security.

  • Additionally if you are a LCC member, or are signed in by a LCC member (or SMGL Admin) you are conveniently only minutes from great food and drinks.

  • We have arranged temporary parking in the staff car park (see marker on google maps link above) to drop off your equipment to the LAN room only. Following this you will have to park elsewhere in the guest car park.


  • By attending the event you agree to the disclaimer located at the bottom of the LAN registration page.

  • We currently can hold up to 68 gamers at this SMGL vs SOGC event so this is going to be an exciting LAN!

Entry Fee:

  • The SMGL entry fee is $20 pre paid or $25 on the day. Additional PC's are allowed if they fit on or under your desk. If your additional PC requires another desk position it will attract the full $25.

  • Observers are free to enter.

  • Snacks, Lunch & Dinner
  • Snacks are available from vending machines around the club, these include chips, chocolates, etc.

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner can be purchased at the Liverpool Catholic Club. You have the option of becoming a member of the Liverpool Catholic Club (which entitles you to discounted meals) or you have to be signed in by a visitor or a MGN Admin. Fast food stores are not to far away also, but cannot be brought into the L.C.C.

What to Bring

  • PC or Laptop (Running XP SP3, Vista SP2, Win 7)

  • A power board to support all your power requirements (PC Tower, Monitor, Ext HDD, Mouse Charger, etc.

  • 10m LAN cable is a good size (minimum 5m)

  • Power Cables for you Monitor & your PC

  • Mouse & Keyboard (& a set of spare batteries)

  • Please don't forget your monitor cable as people have done in the past. Cant play much with out a monitor.

  • Head phones only - no speakers allowed

SMGL does their best to have a couple spare cables & a crappy mouse & keyboards for those who still forget them / batteries go flat.


  • Anti Virus Protection

  • Firewall Software or at least Windows Firewall Enabled

  • Esky for keeping food & drinks cool

  • Plenty of water / drinks

  • Pre-packed lunch & dinner

  • Surge Protector

What to set up before the LAN

Ensure that all of your steam files are up to date before coming on the day as there is only limited internet. There will be a steam file server on the day, so if you decide to buy a popular game but dont have time to download it, chances are it should be available at the Lan.

Other Games
If you are going to play other games, please ensure that they are up to date with the current patches so that everyone will be able to join in a match.
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